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Missouri Mercantile Candle Company
Saint Louis, Missouri

Soy candle wax is an environmental friendly material that is made all organic. Soy wax was developed as an alternative to petroleum or paraffin based waxes. These are by-products of the fossil fuel industry, produce carbon dioxide, and can give off harmful soot and pollutants when burned. Soy is a natural, plant based wax that produces a clean flame with relatively no soot given off. It burns for longer and gives a brighter flame.

They also have benefits for people who suffer allergies, and add minimal pollution to the atmosphere of your home. Soy is a natural resource, and therefore fully biodegradable.

Another area where soy candles are advantageous is safety – they burn with a cooler flame than paraffin which means that containers or candlesticks are less likely to heat up to a temperature where they may crack or split. (Of course, any naked flame can still be a safety hazard, and should never be left unattended.)

Traditional paraffin candles are known to cause black soot in and around the general area they are burning. For those that aren’t familiar with this black soot, think grayish black smoky smelling fog that clouds the top of your candle jar, on your walls, and even on one’s ceiling. Soot is caused by the toxic elements in the paraffin candles that are released when ignited. Soy candles are all natural and do not contain any of these harmful toxins, and you do not see this black soot when you burn a candle made from soy wax.

Honey Comb
Missouri Mercantile Candle Company Soy Candle
Turenne Jars
4 oz. - $4.99
8 oz. - $7.99

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