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Show-Me BBQ Sauce
St. Louis, Missouri

Show-Me BBQ Sauce
Show-Me is not a hot sauce-it's flavor is sweet-sour-smokey. To make it hot, add a few drops of Tabasco sauce. Having a pH of 3, Show-Me does not need refrigeration even after open. Bacteria, including the kind that causes botulism, will not grow in a medium of pH 4.6 or below. Show-Me has a good safety margin. It does not spoil and will not freeze. Since the brand of liquid smoke I use is a distilled product there are no carcinogens present (no cancer causing products).

Unlike most barbecue sauces, Show-Me is useful the year round. Use it in the skillet, crockpot, and oven, as well as on the grill. It is really an all-purpose seasoning and barbecue sauce. Mix a little with meatloaf, bakes beans (see recipes on label and recipe tags), dips, soups, and such to enhance flavor, or pour directly onto sandwiches.

Show-Me makes an excellent, inexpensive gift, perfect for your hostess, or for birthdays, all holidays, and other special occasions.
21 oz. - $6.25
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